5 amazing benefits of using a hand sanitizer

Why You Must Have a Hand Sanitizer at the Workplace, Home & Gym

With the knowledge of multiple viruses and bacteria being present around us, humans have become cautious about their hand hygiene and personal hygiene. The hand sanitizer has become a must-have commodity whether you are at home, at the office or at the gym. 

Now, the question arises: do we always need hand sanitizers outside, at every place? Most importantly, are they as helpful as they seem?

Let's dive right in to see how having hand sanitizers are beneficial at offices, gyms, and your homes.

Benefits of hand sanitizers at homes 

  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Most of the time family members or other relatives become too lazy to go and wash their hands every now and then. This is where hand sanitizers come handy. When there is laziness or lack of access to soap and water, hand sanitizers are your go-to products for maintaining personal hygiene. You can get your family members and relatives to use the hand sanitizer easily to keep their hands clean and free of germs.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Kids are always notorious in their play. Messy play goes hand-in-hand with kids. After every small activity, it is difficult to get your little ones to clean their hands. With the hand sanitizer, it is just a matter of a simple squeeze and rub. Voila! Your little one’s hands are clean. 

  • Safety first
  • As a family, your intention is always to keep your family healthy and happy. With the flu season going on or even with kids around, you are always on the lookout for keeping them safe. Using the hand sanitizer helps you keep your little one safe. Every time they rub their nose or sneeze or cough, you have your hand sanitizer handy and can safely use it. Give a few drops of the sanitizer to your kids and ask them to rub away.

  • Saves time
  • How many moms feel that 24 hours are less in a day? Now add to that, constantly having to clean your little one’s hands? What if we told you that using the hand sanitizer will reduce your time and energy spent on washing and cleaning hands by half? Yes, you read that right. It takes about 30 seconds to clean your hands using a hand sanitizer while it takes 2 minutes to wash your hands with soap and water. Doesn’t it sound relaxing already? 

  • Group usage
  • Always worried about how many people keep lining up at your wash basin? Well, not anymore. With the help of hand sanitizers, you can reduce this queue around the washroom area. Just keep a hand sanitizer near the handwash station and people who wish to use the sanitizer can safely do so. 

    Benefits of hand sanitizers at the workplace 

  • Hygiene first
  • The number of people coming to work daily is crazy. With multiple people touching all desks and door knobs, you can imagine how necessary it is to keep your hands clean. Hand sanitizers help keep your hands clean. 

  • Group safety
  • All your co-workers have germs on them including you! No, we are not trying to be mean, but it is the truth. Microbes live on all surfaces and keep multiplying. To keep ourselves safe and free from diseases, hand sanitizers are the way to go. After every handshake or before touching your colleague’s laptop, using the hand sanitizer keeps you safe. 

  • No touch needed
  • With everyone at work touching the same bottle of soap, you would want to keep your hands clean by using a sanitizer. It helps keep your hands free of germs without having to touch the bottle directly.

    Benefits of hand sanitizers at the gym 

  • Safety from the unknown
  • The gym is a place where you meet unknown strangers. Imagine having to touch the same equipment after they use it? You don’t know what germs they carry. Using the hand sanitizer helps you keep your hands clean and the surfaces clean. 

  • Easy access
  • Can you carry soap and water everywhere you go at the gym? Imagine having to wash hands before and after every type of exercise and equipment you use? It is tedious right? Hand sanitizers are the solution for this problem. Keep the hand sanitizer bottle handy with you at all times and use it with ease. 

  • Avoid all queues
  • Imagine having to wait in the queue for washing your hands? It is cumbersome to have to wait each time after you finish your workout for the day. Instead you can just spray the sanitizer on your hands, rub it clean and leave. 

    A study conducted by the University of Arizona found that the office desk has more than 10 million bacteria on its surface. This is close to 400 times more than the germs on your toilet seat. So, now, rethink all the objects you considered 'dirty' and see what you feel about them!

    Research detected high amounts of bacteria on the following surfaces:

    • Telephones
    • Elevator buttons
    • Doorknobs
    • Water fountains
    • Vending machines
    • Computer keyboards
    • Sink faucets
    • Microwave door handles
    • Refrigerator door handles

    All these places exist in the offices, gyms, and at every house. Imagine how many times you may have touched these surfaces and then directly touched your face? Hand hygiene plays a more significant role than just identifying these bacteria-filled surfaces. Using a hand sanitizer helps you keep your entire system safe.


    It is essential to maintain hygiene and restrict your touch on arbitrary surfaces, whether it is a necessity for surviving the pandemic or not. Use the Just Human Hand Sanitizers for 24-hour protection from germs and viruses. Keep your family and colleagues safe and healthy by instilling the habit of using a hand sanitizer regularly. Most of all, ensure that you continue this practice even after the pandemic ends. After all, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer can kill up to 97% of the bacteria on your hands.