5-ways Just Human helps ensure your kid's safety against germs and viruses

How to keep your kids safe against germs and viruses throughout the day

It's reasonably common for the kids to ignore the hygiene and cleanliness rules enforced by their parents. We as adults and parents cannot even blame them for it, as we would have chosen to do the same in their age. 

When we are kids, all we want to do is step out, play, explore or ponder upon the complexities of the world that we don't yet understand. This very adventurous spirit among the kids can become the reason for them falling sick more often. When they are out and about, they are exposed to all kinds of microbes, viruses, and bacteria that they cannot see with the naked eye.

Being a parent, it can become tiresome to keep a check on your kid's hygiene, especially when they are out playing. 

Worry not because Swanrose Inc, an online hand sanitizer company, has created the revolutionary Just Human 24 hour protection hand sanitizer that can keep your kids protected against harmful germs for an entire day with just one application.

Let's find out what makes Just Human the most effective 24 hour Hand Sanitizer and Swanrose Inc one of the most innovative hand sanitizer manufacturers.

5-ways Just Human helps ensure your kid's safety against germs and viruses:

  1. Use once for all-day protection.

It would be very naive to expect that kids would use hand sanitizer every time they touch something in public. Honestly, pulling out the sanitizer bottle and using it in between the activities might kill the whole fun of doing anything. It becomes a task in itself, and that too a boring and repetitive one.

Swanrose Inc, one of the leading hand sanitizer manufacturers in India, have challenged the notion of using hand sanitizers 15-20 times a day to be safe from germs and bacteria. With Just Human hand sanitizers, you get 24 hour-long protection with a single-use. Similar to when your kids wake up and brush their teeth, apply Just Human hand sanitizer at the start of the day and prep them to take on the world.

  1. Kills 99.9% Germs and Viruses

Just Human's bionic shield protection is certified by multiple independent GLP labs across the world. It has also been tested effective against various germs and bacteria, and provides 99.9% protection against them.

Whenever your kids start your day, make it a routine to make them use the Just Human 24 hour hand sanitizer. It wouldn't just safeguard them against viruses and bacteria but will also ensure you the peace of mind that you truly deserve.

  1. It is free of harsh chemicals and is skin-friendly

Kids' skin is sensitive at an early age, and chemical-based products might cause irritation or rashes. A lot of cheap off-the-shelf hand sanitizers might be effective against the viruses in the short term, but they neither provide long-term protection nor are safe for everyday use. And we know that you want just the best for your kids and nothing else.

The Just Human 24-hour protection hand sanitizer is free of harsh chemicals and is fit to be used by kids and adults alike. It has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it causes no harmful effects and provides the best protection against microbes all day long.

  1. Wash your hands or indulge in activities - protection shield stays

One of the pain points while using regular hand sanitizers is that we have to use them frequently, as their protection stays only for about 30secs to 1 minute. Every time your kids come home or run around touching objects in public, you have to catch them and apply hand sanitizer to protect them against germs. We believe that running behind your kids to use sanitizer is not your favorite sport.

Just Human by Swanrose Inc, the online hand sanitizer company, creates a bionic protection shield that stays put for an entire day. Once you apply the hand sanitizer to your kid's hands, it doesn't matter if they wash their hands or get on with their daily tasks; the shield keeps fighting and destroying any germs that come in contact with their hands throughout the day. Your kids might say that it is like magic, but we know it is pure science.

  1. It makes you feel human again

The pandemic has forced us to stay home and away from our loved ones for so long. We all long for human connection. Kids want to hug their parents and grandparents when they come home. We want to shake hands without the fear of contracting harmful germs. All these little acts of human connection that we never noticed now mean more than everything to us. We understand the value of being around our loved ones without a second thought of theirs or our safety.

What if we tell you that you have to buy hand sanitizer to start feeling human again. Yes, Swanrose Inc has made it its mission to help people get together again. Just Human's proprietary molecule has now made it possible for you and your kids to live life as before. A life that doesn't revolve around using sanitizers every once in a while. It has made it possible again to envision a life filled with people and meaningful interactions.

Final Words

Human connection and friendly interaction with people around us are what make our life beautiful. It is time that you stand by your kid's side and make them feel human again. For everything else related to keeping them safe against germs and viruses, you can buy hand sanitizer by Swanrose Inc.

With Just Human 24 hour protection hand sanitizer, you can restore your kid's childhood and be worry-free of them being unsafe when out. With just a single use every day, you can ensure the complete safety of your kids against germs and viruses lurking around in the neighborhood.

Keep the germs away and your kids closer with Just Human 24 hour protection hand sanitizer.