Our Story

It started with a simple 24-hour hand sanitizer. Covid-19 threatened to shut down my family’s factories and force our employees out of their jobs. 

I don’t know what made us more frantic: worry about our livelihoods or our health. We were sanitizing every thirty minutes between business meetings, leaving our skin as brittle as our outlook. Ultimately, it was a simple 24-hour hand sanitizer that saved our family business, sustained our employees, and restored our skin to its natural state.

Yet as Justhuman rose, my personal health declined. 

Roshini Sanah Jaiswal

I was battling Lichen Planopilaris, an autoimmune disorder that destroyed my hair and skin. Medications and hormones were useless and the traditional personal care products were not doing what they were supposed to do, instead they were making my condition deteriorate further. I needed products that would make me look and feel like myself again. 

Was it the ideal entrepreneurial environment? No, but it was the perfect opportunity to explore healthier wellness solutions. 

Today, I’m so proud to celebrate Justhuman’s expansion into clean, fast and addictive range of our personal care and skincare collections. 

Powered by Neurocosmetics, our products do exactly what we need them to: make us feel as good as we look. Most importantly, they remind us that we’re all just human and deserve products that elevate us, inside and out, for a limitless life.