Just Human: The Top Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in India

Just Human: The Top Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in India


Hand sanitizer is the ultimate weapon at hand to fight viruses and various pathogens. Experts consider it the next best thing to soap and water. As per the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of the most crucial steps to stay disease-free and to prevent the spread of germs to people around you is using a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Since the spread of the pandemic, the demand for hand sanitizers has increased rapidly as people have become aware of the substantial role of sanitizing in keeping diseases at bay. Therefore, SwanRose Inc. offers Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer, a revolutionary alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Made in India with patented US technology, Just Human is becoming the future of pre-emptive safety, making SwanRose Inc. among the best hand sanitizer manufacturers in India.

Why has the hand sanitizer market in India expanded?

During 2021–25, the hand sanitizer market size is projected to reach USD 5.11 million. The reasons for the emerging growth of sanitizer companies catering to a broader sanitizer market in India are:

  • Hand sanitizers are one of the most effective and easy-to-use tools to kill germs and microorganisms.
  • The subsequent waves of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an increased demand for hand sanitizers, a one-stop solution to hygiene and safety.
  • Thus, there is a boost in India’s hand sanitizer industry (both manufacturers and suppliers).

Thus, if you are a business choosing to be a part of the movement towards safety, get in touch with us.

Advantages of using hand sanitizer 

  • Hand sanitizers effectively stop the spread of germs as they are formulated as per WHO guidelines and contain a sufficient quantity of alcohol. Alcohol breaks down the outer membranes of bacteria and viruses, thus killing them.
  • Using quality alcohol-based hand sanitizer significantly reduced illness-related absenteeism in schools, as per a study conducted in the US.
  • The best hand sanitizers are prepared with quality ingredients, which are still gentle on the hands, keeping them soft and smooth despite repeated usage.
  • Moreover, good brand hand sanitizers ensure complete hand hygiene and health if used in the right amount. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends applying a palmful of alcohol-based hand sanitizer by covering all parts of the hands and rubbing properly until dry.

World-class manufacturing facilities at Just Human

To meet the fast-growing demand for hand sanitizers, many sanitizer companies compromise on the manufacturing quality of hand sanitizers. But at Just Human, the best manufacturing facilities come together to create a premium product:

  • The certified manufacturing and production unit comes fully equipped with the latest and advanced technologies. It enables us to manufacture our products in a microorganism-free zone with high-quality standards under the supervision of our experienced team.
  • Our hand sanitizers have been conclusively tested across various GLP-certified labs in the United States, Hong Kong, and India.
  • The hand sanitizers come approved by the DCGI and are registered with the USFDA.
  • We deliver our product across India at an authentic price.

Unique features of Just Human hand sanitizers

Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer is unique and stands out among all other hand sanitizers available in the market because:

  • It gives complete protection from a wide range of pathogens and kills bacteria for 24 hours with just one use.
  • It has been proven to give 99.9% protection from the ‘common deadliest bacteria’ classified by the FDA.
  • It is specially designed with a proprietary smart molecule that forms an invisible, long-lasting layer. Even after visibly drying, this layer does not lose its effect even after washing the hands.
  • It contains 70% alcohol that is effective against viruses.
  • It is free from harsh chemicals and suits all skin types. It has been tested by dermatologists to ensure it remains gentle on the skin.
  • The moisturizing elements in the hand sanitizer keep your hand soft and silky.
  • Needless to say, the sanitizer is portable and easy to use. You can even carry the pen spray sanitizer variant in your pocket.
  • The sanitizers come in various pack sizes as per your need at reasonable prices.

The Just Human hand sanitizer has been tested against various quality parameters to ensure that it remains safe for you and your loved ones, including being non-toxic for kids. Our customers have highly appreciated it for its high quality, safety, pleasant fragrance, and packaging.

The durability of Just Human hand sanitizers

We use the latest and exclusive packaging techniques to enhance the shelf life of our products. The packaging is done with good quality raw material to keep the product spill-proof during delivery. Moreover, the elegant packaging design of hand sanitizers makes them user-friendly and convenient for various customers and uses, in packs of 10ml, 50ml, 250ml, 5l pouches, etc.

Prompt delivery of hand sanitizers

Usually, our hand sanitizers are shipped within 24 hours, ensuring our products’ prompt and safe delivery.


To conclude, hand sanitizer is a perfect savior amid the pandemic and beyond. With cold and flu season abound during the monsoon, it is imperative to ensure you are ready to fight germs. Just Human Hand Sanitizer is one of the premier quality products at a pocket-friendly rate in the market today. The revolutionary 24-hour-long anti-microbial protection it offers makes the company among the prominent sanitizer companies in the market today. As one of the better hand sanitizer manufacturers in India, Just Human offers effective, round-the-clock sanitizers that are skin-friendly and safe for kids.