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Combining Beauty and Safety for the first time.

Backed with the trusted 24 Hour protection of Just Human, this product not only protects you for up to 24 hours but also leaves a radiant & dewy glow on your hands.

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I have been using hand sanitizers since a very long time,way before CORONA. Mostly used liquid based.but during this time finding good quality liquid sanitizers is difficult..tried many brands but was not happy but trust me this Just Human 24 Hour Protection spray sanitizer is equivalent to the best brand.

Pruthesh Patel

Thank you Just human for this wonderful and amazing hand sanitizer ..I am using it from last one month and it is amazing , having pleasant fregnance and not sticky at all.. also soft to hands aswell.The concept is incredible which is use once and stay protected for 24 hours. Must try and stay safe.

Neha sengupta

I hardly write reviews but this item deserves it. I mean a sanitizer that lasts for 24 Hours 😱. No more carrying that bottle all around. Ordering this for my whole family. Also the bottle is quite good looking and looks like a high end beauty product.

Nishant Rajvaidya

I bought this product on a friend's recommendation.Now no need for any other hand sanitizer or disinfectant spray anymore , I only need Just Human! And that too just once a day😎

Bijal Visawadia

very gentle and easy to use. Nice packing and very credible looking overall. A bit too much scent in my opinion given its frequent use.

Karac c

Frequently Asked Questions

Just Human Hand Sanitizer contains two compounds which work together at a nano level to protect you. The first is 70% Ethanol, which instantly kills the germs and bacteria present on your hands. The second is a proprietary smart molecule which forms a bionic shield made of non-toxic, biodegradable particles that bind to a surface and provide a protective coating for a period of 24 hours. This molecule has been nano-engineered to bind to, and pierce the cell walls of micro-organisms that come in contact with it, killing them instantly.
Our products are made from 70% Ethanol, and a proprietary smart molecule, along with moisturizing elements and water. Our products do not contain phenoxyethanol, triclosan or any other toxic substance.
Just Human Hand Sanitizer is less toxic than regular sanitizers, and can be safely used on your children’s hands and skin. It can be used safely around pets and plants as well.