Best hand sanitizers for effective hand hygiene

Maintain Hand Hygiene with the Best Hand Sanitizers in India

Health and hygiene always walk hand in hand. The upsurge of the virus has managed to throw some much-needed light on this fact. Hygiene has always been an important aspect of our daily lives. It ensures we maintain good health and prevents us from getting affected by diseases. Hygiene, in simple terms, means cleanliness, cleanliness of ourselves and our surroundings. 

The pandemic has laid utmost importance on maintaining hand hygiene. Apart from our nose, we consume substances through our mouth, and hands are the easiest bridge to it. Hands are the first source that comes in direct contact with germs before we inhale or consume them. Hence, maintaining effective hand hygiene is crucial.

What is hand hygiene?

Hand hygiene is nothing more than maintaining the cleanliness of your hands. Making sure your hands are clean before eating, after touching a contaminated surface, and so on. Ensuring effective hand hygiene will act as the first step towards protecting you and your family against various diseases.

How to maintain hand hygiene?

The best way to maintain hand hygiene is by washing your hands properly with soap and water. But it is not practically possible to carry a tap and sink with you wherever you go. And not all places have sanitized hand wash areas. Hence, hand sanitizers are considered the next best substitute for soap and water. Soap and water remove all kinds of dirt and germs from your hand. Though hand sanitizers do not work on dirt and stains, they effectively kill a lot of germs contained in your hands. 

What are hand sanitizers?

Hand sanitizers are cleaning agents that are applied on our hands to get rid of disease-causing germs and bacteria. It is best to use hand sanitizers when soap and water are unavailable. Hand sanitizers are available in liquid, gel, and foam. Depending upon your requirement and usage, you can opt for the one that suits you the best.

The current pandemic has increased the demand for hand sanitizers exponentially. Hand sanitizers with an alcohol concentration of more than 70% are most preferred at this time.

Types of hand sanitizers

Broadly, there are two types of hand sanitizers:

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers
    Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are made up of 60 to 95% alcohol. Along with alcohol, these sanitizers contain moisturizers, fragrances, and coloring substances. The alcohol used in sanitizers is either ethanol or isopropanol. Frequent use of alcohol on hands leads to drying of the skin. Hence moisturizers like glycerin are used.
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizer
    Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are made up of disinfectants and antimicrobial substances like benzalkonium chloride and triclosan. They reduce the number of disease-causing germs and bacteria but are not effective at killing them.

  • The World Health Organization recommends the usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizers with more than 60% alcohol composition. Higher the percentage of alcohol, the higher the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer.

    How do hand sanitizers work?

    All kinds of bacteria, germs, and viruses have a protective layer of protein around their bodies. This protein layer is the reason why they do not die easily. To kill these bacteria, germs, and viruses on our hands, we first need to break the protective protein layer. As soon as this layer breaks, these harmful agents die. 

    The alcohol content of hand sanitizers is responsible for breaking the protective protein layer of germs and bacteria. This is the reason why WHO recommends hand sanitizers with a minimum of 60% alcohol. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a hand sanitizer online, make sure you buy one with more than 60% alcohol.

    Best hand sanitizers in India

    Gel and liquid hand sanitizers are the most commonly used hand sanitizers in India. In India, a lot of manufacturers have started manufacturing sanitizers, but not all are up to the mark. Only a few recognized brands that have effectively established themselves in the hygiene area are on the list in the best hand sanitizer section. People tend to judge sanitizers on the basis of hand sanitizer price, but the best hand sanitizers are the ones that provide a quality product.

    Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer

    The Just Human hand sanitizer stands out among all other hand sanitizers in the market. This is because it provides 24-hour protection. While all the other hand sanitizers are effective for not more than 30 seconds, Just Human hand sanitizer is tested and approved by the USFDA to provide protection for up to 24 hours. So, you only have to use this sanitizer once a day.

    The Just Human hand sanitizer contains 70% alcohol along with a proprietary smart molecule. The extraordinary combination forms a protective bionic shield on the hands. This shield effectively kills all the disease-causing bacteria, germs, and viruses throughout the day. The hand sanitizer also contains moisturizers that keep your hands soft and smooth all day long.

    How to use a liquid hand sanitizer

    Many people make the mistake of not using a hand sanitizer effectively. To ensure effective hand hygiene, follow these steps while using hand sanitizers:

    Step 1: Take 2-3 ml of hand sanitizer on your palm.

    Step 2: Spread the sanitizer evenly all over your hands. Make sure to spread it properly between your fingers, on the back of your hand, and even in your nails.

    Step 3: Rub your palms gently against each other until they are dry.

    Step 4: Do not touch any surface until your hands are completely dry.

    Regular washing of hands and effective hand sanitization is the core of hand hygiene. Make sure you follow effective hand hygiene methods and stay protected from the virus. Before you buy a hand sanitizer online, check its ingredients. Also, compare the hand sanitizer price and choose the one that protects over the one that is cheap. Check out the Just Human hand sanitizer on our website too!