Why the 24-hour Just Human Hand Sanitizer Spray Is Better?

Why the 24-hour Just Human Hand Sanitizer Spray Is Better?

At some point in the early 2000s, there was a boom of hand sanitizer sales. We were obsessed with owning this cure-all product. There was a bottle for the car, the bathroom, the nightstand, your keychain—hand sanitizer spray or gel was everywhere.

Since then, the world has calmed down a little, but still honours the value of a good sanitizer. Because in the end, these products really do work. So now we’ve reached the age where sanitizer deserves an upgrade.

We’re here to say that that upgrade is finally here with the Just Human 24-hour hand sanitizer spray. It’s exactly what you think it is: a hand sanitizer spray that works all day and all night. But why is it better? What’s even in it? How can it possibly work for 24 hours? Don’t worry, we have the answers.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizer Spray

Overall Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer in any form holds several benefits, and not only for your own well-being. They are capable of eliminating 99.9% of germs, which is pretty incredible. Sanitizer is also usually portable, which is why you can easily find it almost anywhere you go. That concept of portability is followed closely by your ability to sanitize on-the-go and in group settings.

Ultimately, your sanitizer should prevent exposure and the spreading of diseases, bacteria, and viruses. It’s a life saver when flu seasons rolls around.


Specific Benefits of a Hand Sanitizer Spray

Hand sanitizer spray includes all the above benefits along with a few specific to its spray functionality. Because it comes out of a nozzle, the content can more easily spread across a wider surface. Compare this to when you use a lotion; when applying lotion, it’s super thick in one spot of your hand/body and thins out around. A spray offers a more even coat that can easily cover an entire area with just one or two spritzes.

Because the sanitizer spray spreads across your palms more evenly, it’s also less irritating. Sometimes, people will use too much of a gel sanitizer and in just a few minutes suffer from red, irritated skin. Not to mention the dryness of your hands after using so much. With a hand sanitizer spray, you can use less substance, cover more surface area, and keep your skin irritation-free.


Benefits of The Just Human 24 hour Hand Sanitizer Spray

While the benefits of hand sanitizer, in general, is outlined for you above, it still stands that the Just Human 24 hour sand sanitizer spray is unique.

24-hour Sanitization

The first benefit is it lasts 24 hours. GLP Lab certification supports this claim, plus it is registered with the FDA and cleared by the DCGI.

It works by forming an invisible layer that shields your skin against bacteria, viruses, and germs. It still kills 99.9% like other hand sanitizers, but you only have to use it once. This helps save water, money, and your skin.

The shield remains on your hands all day, no matter what surfaces you touch throughout the day or if you wash your hands.

Ethyl Alcohol

Alcohol is needed to create an effect hand sanitizer spray, gel, or foam. It’s the element that does the work. Usually, though, these sanitizers use isopropyl alcohol, which comes from non-renewable resources (like fossil fuels), is harsher for your skin, and requires a higher amount to be effective.

Ethyl alcohol, on the other hand, is made from renewable resources like grain fermentation. It’s safe for ingesting (we’re not promoting you to drink it, but if you use it and then eat something, it’s safe). Plus, there is less of the substance required for efficacy against 99.9% of germs, so it’s less wasteful.

Safe for All

Our hand sanitizer spray is safe for everyone. Adults, children, people of all ages and backgrounds—this is a pure and safe product for everyone.

It’s made with no harsh chemicals, works against pathogens, moisturizing, and tested by dermatologists. Basically, it works exactly as it’s supposed to without risk.


Your Best Bet Against Spreading Germs and Viruses

Just Human 24 hour Hand Sanitizer sprays contain all the elements you need to stay safe without adjusting your entire routine or succumbing to paranoia. Plus, our spray works for 24 hours straight, so you can spray once and keep going without worry. 

Take a look at our locally made hand sanitizer sprays, approved for use and protection against germs and viruses in a time where we need it most. Convenience, protection, relief—all in one bottle.