Importance of Alcohol-Based Sanitizers at Workplace

Importance of Alcohol-Based Sanitizers at Workplace

By now we know for sure that the pandemic is a reason enough to keep a hand sanitizer spray at your office. But, is there more to it? 

As you travel up and down in the elevator, have you ever thought about the number of people who might have pressed the same floor button as you did? Similarly, the germs and dust brooding on your desk overnight while you were away, the handles of the washroom used by hundreds of people throughout the day, and many more instances would aptly necessitate the use of a hand sanitizer in order to keep your workspace hygienic and fresh. 

80% of common infections are hand-borne. The correct use of sanitizers helps in creating a shield against the common flu and cold-causing viruses, especially when used frequently. 

Let’s now know the right way to use a hand sanitizer.

Ways of Using a Hand Sanitizer 

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using a sanitizer to keep your hands germ-free when soap and water are unavailable. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer must at least have 60% of alcohol to effectively kill bacteria. 

  • Take enough sanitizer to cover your palm. 
  • Coat your fingers and palm from both front and back sides.
  • Rub your hands throughout until the applied sanitizer turns dry. This could take about 20 seconds.
  • Don’t wash your hands while the palms are still wet with sanitizer. Otherwise, this could reduce the effectiveness of the sanitizer.
  • Never use expired sanitizers. 

Now that you know how to use a sanitizer, read on for convincing reasons to get yourself one today. 

What are the Benefits of a Hand Sanitizer?

Sanitizers with alcohol content between 60% and 95% are the safest and best for use at a workplace. They carry the following benefits. 

  • An alcohol-based hand sanitizer kills approximately 97% of bacteria on your hands. 
  • Rubbing sanitizer on your hands for 30 seconds is equivalent to washing your hands with soap and water for about 2 minutes! 
  • An effective hand sanitizer might keep your employees disease-free, thereby reducing absenteeism at the workplace and boosting productivity. 
  • Sanitizers like Just Human are highly effective even if you use them once in 24 hours. 
  • Importantly, 24-hour sanitizers reduce the quantity of hand sanitizer spray required at the workplace. 

Are all sanitizers the same? 

As all sanitizers serve the basic purpose of killing disease-causing micro-organisms, it is easy to believe that they are similar. However, every hand sanitizer is different from the other. 

The first basic difference lies in their alcohol content. Many people don’t prefer the scent and texture of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. They select an alcohol-free one that isn’t flammable, doesn’t carry that particular smell, and doesn’t dry out the skin after every use. However, these sanitizers are not as effective as their alcohol-based counterparts when it comes to killing disease-causing bacteria. 

Almost every virus is eliminated upon the application of alcohol-based sanitizers. Even CDC recommends using such sanitizers. 

Where Should You Keep Hand Sanitizers at the Office? 

To encourage your employees to use sanitizers every day, placing an alcohol-based sanitizer within their reach is important. Listed below are some accessible locations for placing a sanitizer at the workplace. 

  • Every desk: The germs lying overnight on the work desk while you were away could create an unhygienic space, even for the most hygienic people. Additionally, these germs could multiply if your office implements a hot-desking system. This makes every work desk the most important place for keeping a hand sanitizer. 
  • Conference rooms: Your meeting rooms are more prone to diseases than any other office spaces, because people are compactly arranged inside meeting rooms. Generally, clients and employees conduct conferences in these rooms. This makes it essential to have a sanitizer spray positively at these rooms. Also, immediately before or after shaking hands with any person, employees will never forget to use a sanitizer. 
  • Cafeteria: As we know, it is a healthy practice to wash our hands with soap and water before eating. However, not many people remember to do it before meals. Hence, you must keep a hand sanitizer in the cafeteria (or wherever your employees eat) to prevent the spread of germs. 
  • Entrances: Everyone in your office enters and exits from this location. Imagine even if one germ-filled door handle existed at your entrance, almost every area in your office could be infected in a matter of a few hours. To prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria from entrances into your working space, keep a hand sanitizer at every entrance point of your office. 
  • Washrooms: Not every employee has the time and habit of washing his hands with soap and water inside the washroom. Thus, you can place a sanitizer right outside the washroom in order to ensure perfect hygiene in your office. 

Do 24-hour hand sanitizers really work?

Just Human is a clinically certified, 24-hour sanitizer made in India with the technology of the States. Constantly remembering to sanitize your hands (sometimes more than 10 times a day to prevent infection) can be dull and monotonous in the long run. As its name suggests, the Just Human  hand sanitizer allows you to feel like pre-pandemic times again without having the need to sanitize again and again. 

This sanitizer not only kills 99.9% of viruses, but also leaves your hands with an invisible shield that protects your hand from bacteria for the next 24 hours. With a sanitizer that is effective enough to last for a day, you might be wondering whether it would be skin-safe. Worry not, as this sanitizer is proven to be skin-friendly. What’s more, it works effectively even after you wash your hands with soap and water. 

Get an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for battling the pandemic and other infection-causing micro-organisms at your workplace.