Hand sanitizer – A forever staple

Hand sanitizer – A forever staple

When we think of effective new products today, one can’t help but think about hand sanitizer. This is a product that has even gotten into public schools as a way to reduce the spread of germs. 

Since the past few years, hand sanitizer sales have ascended well beyond billions of dollars. The global market for hand sanitizer was valued at a whopping USD 2.7 billion in 2019, and with the pandemic, that number has become even more promising. Several experts are pondering over whether this product is here to stay. 

Interestingly, that raises the question of whether the hand sanitizer industry will plummet post the pandemic or whether it will continue to soar. But first, let us take a look at how the pandemic led to hand sanitizers becoming a common household product. 

How Did the Pandemic Lead to Hand Sanitizers Becoming a Staple Household Product?

Early in the year 2020, the world was slowly coming to terms with the gravity of the pandemic, and people were looking for ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from the novel virus.

Health authorities across the world advised everyone to avoid touching the orifices of their face and washing their hands with soap and water frequently. And if water and soap were inaccessible, people were advised to use hand sanitizers as an alternative. 

There is an implied trust when it comes to the purchase of sanitizers, especially considering that the process has undergone a vast transformation and advancements in technology.

With that in mind, it did not take long for hand sanitizers to become an integral part of our lives – everybody was buying it by the gallons. One for the car, one to carry around in the purse, one at the entrance of stores for anyone coming through. 

Naturally, this sudden frenzy skyrocketed its sales, leading to shortages. The humble hand sanitizer had suddenly become a star.

The manufacturers responded quickly. From hand sanitizers to surface disinfectants, from various fragrances to different skincare benefits – you name it, and the market was flooded with it. The global pandemic has changed the foreseeable future of hand sanitizers.

Now, hand sanitizers have become quite commonplace; people have started carrying the item with them wherever they go. Its demand is on a high, and it seems like there is no stopping its success story.

But What is the Future of Hand Sanitizers in More Non-Traditional Industries?

What will happen in the post-pandemic era? Will hand sanitizers still remain a part of daily lives as it is now? With a majority of the world population getting vaccinated at a steady pace, there is a glimmer of hope shining on the horizon. The world is slowly getting back on its feet, and normalcy is being restored. What is the future of hand sanitizers in the grand scheme of things?

Many believe that hand sanitizers will continue to be a product that is used widely across the globe. Ever since their inception, hand sanitizers have instantly become the industry’s top choice of users everywhere, first in hospitals and then in various other workplaces. Even in residential areas, hand sanitizers are being used by individuals to maintain good hygiene.

A part of their appeal lies in the fact that they are easy to carry. The efficiency of this product promoted its use even by common folk who are now becoming extra cautious in following their daily hygiene rituals. Now that it is already rooted in most places with high accessibility, the challenges for this product as a consumer application are now shifting a paradigm in non-traditional industries as well.

Does the Alcohol Industry Have a Long-Term Future in the Hand Sanitizer Market?

With a quick response in times of crisis, the alcohol industries in every corner of the world capitalized on the situation and saw exponential growth in business. But what happens when the pandemic ends? Will people go back to not using hand sanitizers? What will happen to the large-scale expansion plans underway for businesses operating in the alcohol industry?

Well, the frequency of usage might reduce significantly, but that in no way means people will stop being hygiene-conscious all of a sudden. Therefore, as far as the foreseeable future is concerned, the alcohol industry doesn’t have much to worry about.

Here is How the Manufacturers Look At It

Hand sanitizer manufacturers in India and around the world believe that the pandemic has been instrumental in bringing about a paradigm shift in the way we view health and hygiene. And that does not seem to be changing anytime soon.

Even in the post-pandemic world, protection against bacteria and germs present on every surface we unknowingly touch each time we step out of the house will be imperative. While we should have always been conscious about this in the first place, it is the pandemic that has really driven the point home. Think about it, since the beginning of the pandemic, just as you have started using your hand sanitizers religiously, how many times have you felt under the weather? Have you suffered from a viral infection? The answer, most likely, is a resounding no.

Several hand sanitizer manufacturers in India and across the globe are hopeful that this change of narrative will work in their favor. In fact, many new and promising brands are making their presence felt by bringing new and innovative products that use the latest breakthrough technologies in the world of sanitizers.

One such best brand of hand sanitizer has successfully created a revolutionary product – the Just Human Hand Sanitizer, which promises 99% protection against a wide range of germs and bacteria for 24 hours! What is more? It is skin and environment-friendly.

How Does Just Human Sanitizer Work?

It is a proven fact that as microorganisms evolve, they become immune to conventional treatments – rendering antibiotics and antiviral treatments ineffective. The generic hand sanitizers that are flooding the market at the moment provide temporary protection against germs and bacteria.

However, Just Human’s new hand sanitizer, considered the best brand of hand sanitizer, comes with advanced technology and proprietary smart molecules, creating an impenetrable bionic shield on the surface of your hands. Thereby providing effective protection against germs for 24 hours with a single application.


Safe for the environment and the hands, Just Human Hand Sanitizer, developed with US technology, provides an amazing alternative to the harsh, alcohol-laden hand sanitizers lining the shelves of supermarkets today. If you want to know more about what differentiates Just Human sanitizers from the rest and place your orders, please visit our website today!