Looking for a Sanitizer That Provides 24- Hour Protection? Just Choose Just Human

Looking for a Sanitizer That Provides 24- Hour Protection? Just Choose Just Human

You just gave yourself a beautiful manicure at home (living in these times is the WORST). Everything looks super chic, and you unwrap that beautiful piece of cake from its packaging and pose for your #POTD on Instagram. But just as you are about to eat the cake, it strikes you, "Oh no! Where's my sanitizer?" After frantically looking for the tiny bottle, you take copious amounts of the rather funny-smelling gel and rub it between your palms thoroughly. Kudos! You can now enjoy your sweet date with cake. 

On average, if a person uses a sanitizer once every hour, imagine how much sanitizer we are using up? The numbers will surely take you by surprise. However, just as overusing anything else is bad, the over-application of alcohol-based sanitizers (even if you are advised to use them multiple times a day) can cause severe damage to the skin. But, as one of the highly effective measures against the virus, you simply cannot do without them. Are hand sanitizers just another classic example of a necessary evil? And how do you continue using them and not get dry, itchy hands?

The answer to all your questions is the Just Human hand sanitizer, India's only 24-hour protection hand sanitizer. Stay tuned to find out the answers to some of the most popular questions about hand sanitizers.

Do hand sanitizers kill germs?

Yes, and no! As opposed to popular belief, sanitizers do not kill bacteria or viruses immediately on contact. However, they do help in destroying their outer coat. In most cases, this outer coat is what attaches to human cells, giving the bacteria or virus entry to your system. So, by damaging this entry mechanism, sanitizers help reduce the microbial load on your hands, ultimately offering protection.

How long does it take for sanitizers to work?

There is no one correct answer for this. The time needed for sanitizers to be effective depends on multiple factors – concentration of the active ingredients, the amount of microbial load, and also how well it spreads on your hands. But according to experts at Just Human, the best sanitizer company in India, if you use a sanitizer with a concentration of ethyl alcohol equal to or above 60% for all practical purposes, it only takes a few seconds for the sanitizer to work. Once applied, a typical sanitizer will protect for around 30 minutes before you need to re-apply.

How does the Just Human hand sanitizer work?

The devil is in the details. Just Human hand sanitizer uses a revolutionary American technology and works at a nano level to deliver long-lasting protection against some of the deadliest pathogens. This technology combines the active ingredient, which is 70% ethyl alcohol, with a patented smart molecule to form a protective bionic shield that coats your hands for the entire day.

The bionic film consists of child-safe and biodegradable nanoparticles engineered to bind to and puncture the outer protein coat of bacteria and viruses – rendering them useless as disease-causing agents. What’s more, light exposure to water (for instance, during handwashing) doesn't change the effectiveness of the antimicrobial film, and it will still provide 24-hour protection. But yes, re-apply if you have scrubbed or washed your hands aggressively. 

The product is effective in reducing microbial loads, and it is considerably less toxic than other variants. So, rest assured that you can use it on children and even in the presence of your fur babies!

What are the benefits of using sanitizers from Just Human?

The benefits are pretty obvious, but let's list them. 

  • One-time application: Unlike conventional hand sanitizers, there is no need to re-apply this every hour. Just apply once and get 24-hour protection. It saves you time and makes it less tedious.
  • Say bye to dry, scaly hands: By applying it just once a day, you can avoid some of the nasty effects of conventional sanitizers like dryness, itchiness, scaly or flaky skin, allergic reactions, etc. 
  • Non-toxic composition for child safety: The product is free of triclosan, phenoxyethanol, and other toxic compounds, so it is safe for children.
  • Proven lab results for effectiveness: The product goes through several rounds of lab tests to prove long-lasting effectiveness against some of the most dangerous pathogens.
  • Continued protection even after washing hands: The sanitizer continues to be effective even after you have washed your hands. 
  • Made to let your hands feel human again: While the ingredients are pretty much the same as any other variant, they are simply upgraded in this product. Using deionized water, instead of normal medical-grade water, makes the product less harsh on your skin. The added moisturizers are the cherry on top.
  • Easy to carry and use: Ergonomic design, spill-proof packaging, and compact size are the needs of the hour. Imagine you are at the airport security and suddenly you realize your handbag is soaked in sanitizer! You can pretty much forget clearing the security check on time. Just Human hand sanitizers come in spill-proof bottles and are available in many sizes (including a 10 ml travel pack). 

With the pandemic wreaking havoc on people's lives, hand sanitizers have become a staple in our grocery carts. Even though frequent use of alcohol-based sanitizers can cause severe skin issues like dryness and allergic reactions in many people, there is hardly any impact on their usage. As per the latest reports, there was a 100x increase in the sale of sanitizers in India alone in the last year. According to the experts at the best sanitizer company in India, you should use sanitizers adequately, but avoid overusing them if you wish to evade the ill effects. Moderation is key here. 

Choose Just Human hand sanitizers and stay fully protected, while still flaunting those perfectly soft hands on your Instagram! Spray once and get long-lasting protection throughout the day. Buy this revolutionary product and let your hands feel 'human' again!