The Need for Once-a-day Cleaning-Sanitizing-Disinfecting Hygiene!

Cleaners, Disinfectants, and Sanitizers: The newest weapon in the fight against super-charged microbes

Whether you are at home, work, school, or play, there are certain things that you do so that no germ or bacteria enters your body, i.e., maintain cleanliness. Common to all of us is the use of antibacterial soaps and sanitizers to kill germs on contact so that we can avoid illness completely. But have you ever thought about how many germs linger around and how quickly they reproduce? Bacteria and germs are everywhere. People spend their day touching surfaces that become contaminated with these microorganisms. The trouble is, you probably don’t know what those surfaces are, but the bacteria and germs do! 

Whether you're at home, out in public, or in the workplace, super bacteria are lurking in nooks and crannies. Various cleaning, disinfecting, and hand sanitizer companies in India have evolved to beat super-duper infections effectively. So, read our blog and pick the best agent that fits your needs.

Why are we talking about safer practices?

It is a proven fact that the majority of infectious diseases spread due to poor practices of hygiene. Lack of or improper handwashing is a major cause of this. The present vivacious infection has shaken the world from its roots and made the need for safer practices of hygiene be it cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting the surfaces the priority to stay healthy apart from following a healthy diet and lifestyle. One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family is to clean or sanitize your hands frequently throughout the day. 

There are different kinds of germs! However, most folks aren't aware of how to pick the right cleaner, sanitizer, or disinfectant. Between the multiple options available, it's hard to know which one will do what you need without harming your skin or annoying your senses. While some people may argue while choosing the right one, very few actually know what to look for in one. Let me explain -

  • A good rule to remember: if it's wet and comes from someone else's body, it can be infectious.

Knowing the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting can help you take these important precautionary steps more easily. Once-A-Day cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting can help you and your family feel protected from infection and disease. Cleaning, sanitizing, and targeted disinfection where required, can help reduce the spread of infectious disease.

Before choosing a cleaning or antimicrobial product, you will first need to decide whether the surface needs to be cleaned, sanitized, or disinfected. Here is the difference;


  • Works by physically removing dirt and germs from surfaces using soap/detergent, water, and friction. 
  • Water, a cleaning solution, and scrubbing are used to clean. 
  • By washing bacteria, filth, and other organic material down the drain, other chemical solutions are used to eliminate them. 
  • Cleaning before disinfecting inhibits infection transmission more effectively than disinfecting alone.


  • The use of a chemical substance that may or may not contain a mixture of phenolic compounds to reduce the number of germs on surfaces or items is known as sanitizing. 
  • Provides fast-acting, broad-spectrum disinfection
  • Areas requiring routine sanitizing include food contact surfaces (surfaces where food is served, stored, or prepared). 

Alcohol-based Hand sanitizer by Just Human advocates 24-hour protection with just Once-A-Day Sanitizer-nip that sets you free, changing the definition of the trouble of squeezing the sanitizer after touching any suspicious item covered with germs. 

  • Germs on surfaces are eliminated to levels that are regarded as safe for public health. The best Spritz spray is the one that reduces germ numbers by;
  • 99.999% within 30 seconds for food service
  • At least 99.9% for hard surfaces


  • When applied as directed on the label attached, it kills nearly all pathogenic bacteria. 
  • There is no impact on dirt, soil, or dust. 
  • Areas needing routine disinfection are hard, nonporous surfaces. 
  • Should only be used when mandated by law, in high-risk and high-touch locations, or in the presence of infectious illness.

These chemicals can be hazardous if they are used in greater quantities than stated on the label, or different chemical products are combined, or protective equipment is not worn, or they are applied in poorly ventilated places.


Antimicrobial agents are a group of chemicals that destroy bacteria. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (or comparable organizations in other states) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency control them..

The Need for Once-a-day Cleaning-Sanitizing-Disinfecting Hygiene!

The need for sanitizing arises from the fact that we are surrounded by bacteria and viruses all day long. These bacteria and viruses may cause diseases like the flu, colds, stomach problems, etc. This problem can be solved by using hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers are a lot more effective than just washing your hands with soap and water because they contain alcohol, which kills more germs than just water does.

During the epidemic, the demand for hand sanitization has grown, as has the usage of hand sanitizers instead of soap and water for handwashing. When you don't have time to wash your hands, the CDC advises using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Swanrose Inc., a Hand Sanitizer Company In India manufactures Just Human 24-Hour Protection 70% alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer with an effective bionic shield, a long-lasting superpower that kills bacteria and viruses on touch while keeping skin protected and moisturized.

Ready to get serious about staying healthy in the pandemic? Of course, you are. Well, daily cleaning, sanitation, and disinfecting processes is an easy way to not only take care of allergies related to mold, bacteria, dust mites, and pollution but also an easy way to start getting protection during the pandemic.

And not just any kind of chemical agents, but using the right products. Microbial infection is a serious public health threat that needs to be taken seriously by everyone. The Just Human Once-A-Day Sanitizer is a product that can help us protect ourselves and those we love from these deadly viruses. It is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, and effective sanitizing system that has been shown to reduce the spread of many germs and viruses.

There’s no time like the present. Here’s to healthy lives all around.