Importance and need of Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizer: A portable, waterless hand hygiene solution on the go!

Considering the prevailing pandemic situation, the importance of hygiene and cleanliness has increased. Concerning germ transmission, hands play a major role, such that approximately 80% of infections are transmitted through hands. Infection can spread to the hands due to various day-to-day actions, including sneezing, coughing, or rubbing eyes, and later can be transferred to other surfaces and objects. Many times, infections are transmitted by not cleaning hands properly after touching contaminated surfaces or objects. 

Hand sanitization is thus an effective and critical measure of avoiding the spread of harmful germs and warding off infections. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of the best ways of maintaining hand health is washing hands with soap and water several times a day.  However, there are times when neither of these is available nor feasible. At such times a good alcohol-based portable hand sanitizer can turn out to be the best alternative option to wipe off all the germs.

  • Importance and need of Hand sanitizers
  • In the past few years, hand sanitizers gained popularity considering their ease of use, portability, accessibility, convenience, cleanliness, fast action, skin-friendly, pocket-friendly benefits.  Proper hand hygiene can reduce work and school absenteeism by up to 40%, and around 67% of sanitizer users are less likely to fall sick. Studies suggest one out of five people don’t regularly maintain hand hygiene, out of which 70% don’t even realize the need of using soap. Having a portable, handy, pocket-friendly hand sanitizer makes people more aware and mindful of maintaining hand hygiene against harmful infections.

    Commonly shared facilities, including cafeteria, bathrooms, elevator switches, door handles and seats of cars, local transport vehicles, offices, restaurants, etc., can be considered potential germ carriers and can transmit germs to the hands easily. While it’s difficult to avoid touching, carrying a good quality hand sanitizer on the go always proves to be a better option and can instantly help to disinfect the hands.

  • Usefulness of hand sanitizers- 
  • One important, yet unrealized benefit of a hand sanitizer is that it is shareable among groups at work, schools, colleges, etc. Squeezing the hand sanitizer into the hands of every person in the group, instead of passing the bottle around, creates a completely touchless and germ-free situation for everyone. Introducing hand sanitization programs can encourage people to practice proper hand hygiene at work by keeping them healthy, thus ensuring more efficiency and productivity. Offices with a sanitation program have reported 24% less claims for hand hygiene-associated preventable diseases.

  • Why alcohol-based sanitizers? 
  • Appropriate use of a hand sanitizer can be a remarkably beneficial option for the prevention of spreading infections. These hand sanitizers quickly reduce the number of microbes on hands and thus are considered to be an effective tool against fighting infections due to harmful germs. Alcohol-based sanitizer can reduce about 97% of infections on your hands. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), alcohol can break apart the lipid-based coatings of some bacteria and viruses and thus destroy them when applied in the correct amount and properly. 

    Alcohol-based hand sanitizers should be used by covering the entire surface of the hands with the liquid/gel and rubbing them for around 20-30 seconds until dry. The more alcohol content and the more frequently you use it, the less harmful infections on your hands. Research says that sanitizers with about 60-95% alcohol have the best antimicrobial efficacy. Hand sanitizers with lower alcohol concentrations (below 60%) simply minimize the growth of germs rather than destroying them and thus may not equally work well for various kinds of pathogens.

    Another astounding benefit of hand sanitizer is that alcohol-based sanitizers can improve the surface of the skin on your hands. Good hand sanitizers do not lead to skin dryness or skin irritation but contain emollients that give more pleasant-looking and smooth hands, humectants that facilitate skin hydration. Yet, in the case of sensitive skin, alcohol-based sanitizers may not be an effective solution.

  • Choosing the correct hand sanitizer- 
  • In the context of all these facts, it is necessary not to leave any chance and remain cautious about keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean and protected every time. A well-formulated hand sanitizer always proves to be beneficial to prevent the spread of germs and infections. 

    A sanitizer giving protection for up to 24 hours could be considered far more useful, effective and safe against probable infections. This is where Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer steps in. This revolutionary product gives complete protection from a wide range of pathogens for 24 hours with just one use. Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer is prepared with advanced proprietary technology from the US. It includes minor amounts of an exclusive smart molecule that produce an impassable bionic shield of safety for our hands. 

    The bionic shield present in this sanitizer stays active for longer periods, and once it is dry, it does not lose its effectiveness even after washing hands. Deionized water content and moisturizing elements keep the skin soft, safe, and hydrated as well. Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer has been tested in GLP certified labs as part of the Regulatory processes for Approvals and Registrations and has been proven to destroy around 99% of pathogens for up to 24 hours. It stays intact all the way unless aggressively rubbed off, irrespective of which surfaces you touch throughout the day. It is a skin-friendly, non-toxic, and super-safe product for kids. Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer has been conclusively tested in certified labs. It has been licensed for manufacture by DCGI (Drugs Controller General of India) and registered with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administrator). 

    A daily, single-use application allows you to focus on achieving your actual goals at work and letting your kids go back to school without constantly worrying about safety. With a high grade of safety and efficacy and handy variants such as the pen sanitizer spray, Just Human allows you to use public transit in these challenging times comfortably. Single-use of Just Human Pen Sanitizer Spray is free from harsh chemicals, maintains pH levels of the skin, and its non –sticky formula with mild fragrance gives 24-hour protection from infections.

    Routine hand sanitization can help you to stay safe from infections. It also prevents the spread of various pathogens to the people around you. Besides the current ongoing health crisis, these are the other pressing reasons why hand sanitizer is on the must-have list of essentials today.