Importance Of Alcohol-Based Sanitizers

A Smart Sanitizer - Harsh on Germs, Soft on Your Skin

Nothing can surpass the efficacy of the good-old practice of handwashing with soap and water when it comes to fighting germs. The pandemic, indeed, has revived this lesson for each one of us all over again. 

However, what if you need to clean your hands and do not find water and soap handy? 

It is where hand sanitizers come to the rescue. 

And, remember! Just not any gel or liquid claiming to be a hand sanitizer, but an alcohol-based one for sure, says the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). It recommends using a sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol. 

The perks of alcohol-based sanitizers

Here are some pointers depicting the Importance Of Alcohol-Based Sanitizers! Let us get started.

  • Hand sanitizers containing alcohol are likely to reduce the number of microbial colonies on your hand and kill them quickly. However, you need to use the product correctly. If you do not take enough sanitizer on your palms, the formulation might not be sufficiently effective in killing the germs. The same happens when you wipe or wash it off before it has dried.
  • According to many studies, hand sanitizers that do not contain alcohol or contain less than 60% alcohol are less likely to work well on different types of germs. Plus, they might only decrease germ growth on your hands instead of killing them.
  • And, the readiness or handiness of hand sanitizers does make them easy to use when you cannot access water and soap right away.

Smart Science for Safety

After the recent virus outbreak, hand sanitizers have come up as knights with shining armors for us. And, therefore, you will find countless brands of sanitizers in the market, each claiming to be better than the other. 

As a result, finding a reliable Sanitizer Company has almost become a challenging and confusing chore. However, if you research thoroughly, you will also find reputable brands like Just Human. 

Their 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer is an innovative and long-lasting formula. It contains 70% alcohol and protects your skin with an invisible bionic shield (a proprietary molecule) while killing the germs instantly. 

This dermatologically-tested product is registered with the USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) and licensed under DCGI (Drugs Controller General India). Moreover, it has been tested in various GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)-certified labs. 

A Vision of a Limitless Life

The vision of the brand is to allow people to live without any limitations. Therefore, they have come up with their breakthrough formulation, the hand sanitizer. It offers 99% protection against microbes and germs for 24-hours. Yes, you heard it right.

So, you can apply it once and forget. Plus, it is also a skin and eco-friendly product. A little sustainability goes a long way, after all. 

What does the FDA say about hand sanitizers?

According to the FDA, you should avoid buying a hand sanitizer that contains methanol. 

Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, is a toxic chemical that can cause adverse effects on the body, including headaches, vomiting, and nausea. If the side effects of methanol are severe, it may also lead to seizures and blindness. 

The FDA says - if you have already bought a hand sanitizer that contains methanol, make sure to stop using it immediately.

For a customer-friendly brand, the safety of the users means a lot. So, the 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer is made using 70% ethyl alcohol or ethanol. It is safe, and people of any age can use it.

How does the 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer work?

  • When you apply the product to your palms, it binds with the skin of your palms and forms an impenetrable and invisible bionic guard.
  • This protective shield prevents bacteria, viruses, and other germs from entering your body and infecting you.
  • It kills the pathogens the moment they come in contact with your skin. It keeps your hands germ-free. And, the protective sheath does not leave you even after you wash your hands. Incredible. Right?
  • The best thing about this hand sanitizer is, it protects you from a wide range of germs for 24 long hours.
  • Also, even after such hardcore protection, the sanitizer does not leave your hands dry. It contains deionized water and various moisturizing elements to keep your hands soft and hydrated. Moreover, it is not at all toxic.

FAQs on 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer

  • Is it true that the efficacy of the hand sanitizers stays put even after washing hands?

  • Yes, it is true. The antimicrobial shield that the product forms remains unaffected by handwashing. However, if you wash, rub, or exfoliate your hands aggressively with a lot of friction, the efficacy is likely to reduce. 

  • The product provides long-lasting protection and does not get affected by handwashing. Pretty strong! So, can kids use this hand sanitizer? 

  • Yes. It is safe for people of all ages as it does not contain any toxic chemicals. However, make sure that your kids use it under your supervision.

  • What if I accidentally apply another sanitizer after using the 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer? Will it reduce the latter's efficacy?

  • Well, no. Even if you apply any other alcohol-based sanitizer after using the 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer, the bond will be there until and unless your skin exfoliates. So, you can stay assured about the effectiveness of the product.

  • What if I apply the sanitizer like a regular one - as and when needed?

  • You do not need to do that. The 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer stays active until you rub your hands vigorously or natural exfoliation happens. However, if you work or live in a high-risk environment like a healthcare facility, you may choose to apply it more than once.

  • Considering the highly active protection it offers, can I eat after using this sanitizer?

  •   Yes, you can eat after applying this sanitizer.

    Did you get your bottle yet?

    Whether it is a medical facility, school, office, public transport, or carpools, Just Human 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer keeps you safe from germs wherever you go. Buy this use-and-forget sanitizer and make your life simple.