Sanitization tips while traveling

Clever sanitization tips for the travel buff!

Are you planning a vacation to a dream destination? Do you worry about catching an infection while you travel? If you are, relax. This article will relieve your worries. With the curbs on travel being lifted and life getting back to normal, it’s time for everyone to enjoy the freedom after a year of lockdowns. Just remember a few sanitization rules while traveling, and you can rest assured have a fabulous holiday. Once you have taken both doses of vaccination, all you need to do is decide on your destination and get down to packing. 

Here are some tips to remember while you travel and during your stay at hotels. They will safeguard you from infections and sickness:

Sanitization tips while traveling

Hand Safety While Traveling

Soap and water are the perfect hand cleansers wherever you go. It takes just 20 seconds of a thorough cleaning to wash the dirt and the grime off your hands. However, these facilities aren’t available everywhere. Carrying your hand sanitizer and hand wipes should, therefore, be a priority. Make sure you carry 24-hour protection hand sanitizers with you wherever you may go. It will ensure your safety from germs you might come in contact with during travel, and at places you stay.

Door handles and knobs, airplane armrests and food trays, public transport, hotel TV remotes, washroom faucets and flusher, ATM and elevator buttons, and other surfaces you may have to touch are all germ carriers. However clean and spotless the hotels might appear, there are a million invisible germs that can cause infection and illness. Therefore, it’s best to pack your weapons of sanitization than fall sick and ruin your vacation. Just a squirt of alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel can kill 99.9% of germs and keep you safe. Remember to rub your palms and the space between your fingers for a thorough clean-up. And, once you have sanitized your hands, avoid touching your face, mouth, or eyes. 

Sanitizing Surfaces

As we can’t obviously wrap ourselves in cling film to protect ourselves from germs, we need to sanitize the surfaces we could come in contact with. It is the easiest way to protect ourselves and our families from infections. Apart from an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, do carry disinfectant wipes to wipe down surfaces, such as public transport seats, door handles, faucets, toilet flusher, TV remotes, phone receivers, switches, and all the things you might have to use. A handy disinfectant spray and a package of disinfectant wipes won’t need a lot of space in your carry bag, but they can definitely ensure a safe and happy vacation for you and your loved ones. Do make sure your skin doesn’t come in contact with the disinfectant sprays.

Wash Hotel Glassware

One can’t be sure about the cleanliness and hygiene followed at hotels. The rooms do appear spic-n-span, but there could be invisible germs lurking on most of the objects. Before using the hotel glassware, wash it with soap and water. Better still, carry your own paper cups and glasses. This way, you will be certain about your safety. 

Safety In Washrooms

Public washrooms are a breeding ground for germs. Most of these are well-maintained, but you can’t be 100% sure about their hygiene. Make sure you always carry hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and disinfectant sprays in your carry bag. Never touch the toilet seats with your hands. Use a tissue to lift the seats, and disinfectant wipes when using toilet flushes, bathroom sink faucets, and door handles. Carry your hand sanitizers to clean your hands after using the toilet instead of the soap dispensers. This way, your hands won’t come in contact with any of the objects that could infect you and your family.

Safety In Hotel Rooms

Hotel bedspreads and bed covers aren’t washed as frequently as we think. These could carry germs, bed bugs, dirt, and grime from earlier use. As disgusting as this may sound, it is a fact. So, the best way to protect yourself from any infections and bug bites is to carry your bedspreads and bed covers. Just fold the hotel bedspreads and put them aside. 

Besides this, carry your slippers to wear as the carpets aren’t safe, either. Ziploc bags make great covers for TV remotes. Open the windows to air your hotel rooms before you settle in. This will let out the stale air and help freshen the room.

Packing all the items might seem like a challenge. Do check out some packing tips and tricks for optimum use of your bags. This will help you carry all the essentials for safe travel. 

Select The Right Products

The pandemic taught us the importance of hygiene and introduced us to a wide array of brands, each proclaiming their products to be the best. Be sure to read the labels carefully before you pick your hand sanitizers. 

The perfect hand sanitizer is one that promises 24-hour protection from 99.9% germs and is made from skin-friendly ingredients instead of harsh chemicals that rob the skin of moisture. The Just Human hand sanitizer is one such premier hand sanitizer. It contains a bionic shield that protects you from germs even after washing your hands. Furthermore, it is skin-friendly and safe to use for children, too.  This hand sanitizer protects you from disease-causing viruses and germs and keeps your skin soft and pampered. 


The fear of germs and infections need not keep you away from traveling. With a little help from hand sanitizers and disinfectants, you can step outdoors boldly. Just remember to pack good quality and pocket-friendly 24-hour protection hand sanitizer, and you are free to travel to your heart’s content. This product will shield you from harmful germs, protect your skin, and allow you to enjoy your holiday. Now you are free to plan that vacation you missed out on last year!