What is a Hand Sanitizer? How to Stay Away From Viruses While at School?

What is a Hand Sanitizer? How to Stay Away From Viruses While at School?

Leading governing agencies have emphasized the integral role of hand hygiene in preventing the transmission of germs and bacteria. Hand sanitizers or pen sanitizer sprays can inactivate microbes that contaminate our hands. Sanitizers are integral in hospital settings where there is a higher risk of transmission of diseases.

Kids are the most active of all and are more in contact with bacteria-loaded surfaces while playing around, increasing the risk of transmission of germs. This makes hand sanitizers in schools also a necessity now. To keep kids safe and protected, it is crucial to know more about hand sanitizers in school. How do they serve as a shield for your kids? While most schools will provide ample sanitizing equipment, it is essential to know how to keep your guard up and take necessary precautions as a parent.

What is a Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers or hand rubs usually come in gel, foam, or liquid form and are usually alcohol-based. It helps eliminate germs and bacteria from the skin and other surfaces. They contain 60% to 95% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol that effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and germs. Just Human’s hand sanitizer is a liquid sanitizer composed of 70% ethanol and a proprietary smart molecule that ensures absolute protection. Hand sanitizers are convenient to use and provide protection no matter what time or place.

Can hand sanitizer in schools replace washing hands?

Though it is advocated that children wash their hands with soap and water, research has not found a significant difference between the effects of sanitizers and washing hands. Finding adequate time to wash hands in between classes and breaks can be difficult for kids. This is where the hand sanitizer from Just Human comes to the rescue with its single-use technology. Hand wash and hand sanitizers have the same goal and benefits—keeping you safe from germs, viruses, and bacteria.

How safe are hand sanitizers in schools?

Using hand sanitizers is safe. Hand sanitizers or pen sanitizer sprays will guarantee complete protection to kids when they are at school. Alcohol-based sanitizers, like the ones designed by our premium and customer-friendly brand, kill 99.9% of germs with just a single use!

How to use sanitizer aptly?

For a sanitizer to work effectively, it is important to follow this method:
Spray the sanitizer well over your palms so that it gives enough coverage.
On applying the sanitizer, it is essential to rub it thoroughly so that no residue gets left behind.
It is advisable to use the sanitizer before eating or after any contact with microbial surfaces. Our advanced technology sanitizer provides a 24 hours bionic shield.

How do you choose the correct sanitizer for school?

In matters of health and hygiene, it is essential to make an informed decision. Sanitizers need to be special and safe in many ways that will not allow you to have second guesses.
Everyone desires their child to be safe from germs as well as skin problems. Making a correct choice is essential for the safety of children in school. Make sure your sanitizer gives the following benefits to be a perfect fit.

Restraining Microbial Growth:

Health Regulatory bodies demand that a sanitizer is perfectly effective when made of at least 60% alcohol. The presence of the given percent of alcohol is essential to inactivate harmful disease-transmitting microbes. Hand sanitizers such as Just Humans are formulated and composed of 70% ethanol. It stops the spread of germs and ensures safety. Sanitizers are available in packs of 10ml, 50ml, 100ml, and 250 ml, making them suitable to meet every demand.

Promotes Hygiene:

Hand sanitizers available in the market usually do not provide round-the-clock protection. This makes one use a sanitizer multiple times a day. Children are usually forgetful, making them susceptible to viruses and germs. As an innovator of a revolutionary product, the sanitizers give 24-hour protection from a wide range of pathogens with just one single use. Crafted with advanced technology and trace amounts of proprietary smart molecules, it creates an inaccessible bionic shield. Interestingly, it does not come off with regular hand washing!

Gentle on skin:

Children usually have tender skin, so it is necessary to ensure that sanitizers do not cause them harm. As a customer-friendly brand, the safety of our users is of prime importance. Our sanitizers are free from harsh chemicals and are gentle on your skin. The one-time-use also prevents the frequent rubbing of hands. A sanitizer that is tender on your skin is always a wise choice.

Less wastage of resources:

Every child needs to learn sustainability. Using hand sanitizers requires no additional use of water or tissues, thus saving resources. The ability to provide all-day protection in a single-use makes our range sustainable and special. Minimum wastage of resources guaranteed.

Compact and attractive designs:

Children like things that look fancy. The pen spray sanitizers are designed in the shape of a pen while providing absolute protection to young minds. Convenient to carry and easy to store. Pen spray sanitizers can be easily hooked to your pockets, making sure it accompanies your child always.

What are you waiting for? Grab your sanitizer bottles!

With harmful viruses, germs, and bacteria's all around us, hand sanitizers are a strong defense against illnesses. If you are struggling to find the perfect hand sanitizer for your kids in school, Just Human serves as an ideal fit as a reliable company and a reputable brand. With a single-use, you don’t need to be constantly worried about viruses and bacteria. One bottle, one spray to open up ample opportunities to be happy and relaxed.