A Spritz a Day — How Sanitizer Sprays Changed the World

A Spritz a Day — How Sanitizer Sprays Changed the World

The best way to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and decrease the risk of contracting germs is by constantly washing your hands with plain soap and water. But such resources can’t be available to you while you are continually on the go. 

In what we call our current reality, a hand sanitizer has become the need of the hour, rather than just an additional accessory you carry around. Be it a short walk in the park or a quick visit to the grocery store, you can see hand sanitizer pumps stationed all around you. Keeping one’s hands clean all day round has quite literally become the means for survival. 

Due to the sudden spike in demand for hand sanitizers, there is a generous array of products to choose from. Right from pocket sanitizers to hand sanitizer sprays, the possibilities are endless. With such variety, it becomes crucial to weigh the pros and cons before making a conscious choice on the hand sanitizer that would best fit your family. 

When picking a sanitizer, one has to prioritize a few aspects over others in terms of safety and efficiency. These aspects include:

  • Does it provide 24-hour protection? 
  • Will its prolonged use damage the skin? 
  • How many times does it require reapplication?

Let’s understand them.

What is a Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers are antiseptic disinfectants that kill harmful microorganisms such as deadly viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Most hand sanitizers are alcohol-based and come in gel, spray, foam, or other liquid forms. 

To gain maximum benefits from hand sanitizers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly recommends that a typical hand sanitizer contain at least 60% alcohol. When in use, one must cover all surfaces of their hands with the product generously and gently scrub them together until completely dry. 

What Makes a Good Sanitizer?

Now the critical question arises: What sets a good hand sanitizer apart from the rest? As we have already touched upon alcohol percentages, the next aspect to consider would be the frequency of application. Applying a hand sanitizer should provide maximum efficiency while paying attention to skincare. 

Spreading large concentrations of alcohol on your skin is not advisable under any circumstances. Alcohol in sanitizers can dry out your skin quickly, disrupting the balance of oils in individual protective layers of your skin. 

Hence, whether you decide to buy hand sanitizers online or in-store, it is recommended to look for one that contains a moisturizer to counteract this drying effect. Alternatively, you can look into buying hand sanitizers with minimal application per day to prevent skin damage.

Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer is the perfect sanitizer when it comes to application frequency. It offers 99% protection against germs and pathogens for 24 hours, and it is environment and skin-friendly. It thus protects hands longer than conventional sanitizers. 

Benefits of Sanitizer

Here are some benefits of hand sanitizer.

Hygiene Maintenance

Hygiene is at the top of the list when it comes to the benefits of hand sanitizers. Rather, it is the primary function of a hand sanitizer. A hand sanitizer is meant to eliminate germs and various other pollutants, pathogens, etc. And that’s precisely what it does.

The ideal hand sanitizer can get rid of 99.9% of germs on your hands. The Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer is crafted with advanced technology and trace amounts of a proprietary smart molecule. This innovative molecule creates an impenetrable bionic shield on your hands to keep them germ-free.

Maximum Portability

A small pen sanitizer spray can be slipped into your back pocket, hung from your satchel, or even act as a fashionable accessory in your shirt pocket. It is also the ideal solution for when you can’t get your hands on a paper napkin after devouring mouth-watering street food. Nobody wants to walk around with panipuri water all over their hands.

Group Friendly

Hand sanitizers act as the perfect germ eradicator while in public places or friendly gatherings. Pass that hand sanitizer spray around and exchange pleasantries while engaging in a “no germ” policy. 

Small pen sanitizer sprays are an ideal fit for hand sanitization at school. Without the constant worry of spills or leaks, it is a foolproof method to teach your child about hygiene while away from home. 

Hand sanitizer sprays are also your best gym buddy in the current scenario. Just a spritz before moving on to the next station, and you’re good to go. It turns out you can be hygienic while sweating it out at the same time. 

Environment-Friendly Options

We are also in an era where sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives are all the rage. Being a conscious human being and making informed decisions is vital when choosing a product that becomes a part of your daily routine. 

We have to make responsible decisions that are in the best interests of the entire ecosystem. More often than not, it becomes quite challenging to find environment-friendly alternatives in retail or grocery stores. Your best bet would be to buy hand sanitizers online

Wrapping Up

Hand sanitizers have been our saving grace, our protective shields,  in these uncertain and alarming times. It gives us the confidence to head out into the pandemic-affected world with our heads held high and masks covering our noses and mouths. 

Hand sanitizers give us much-needed stability and make going to work, taking that subway, or eating in public a lot less stressful and a far more enjoyable experience. We can count on a good sanitizer like we would a reliable friend. It will always have your back and protect you from the dangers that threaten the human race. 

From being a cute accessory, a hand sanitizer has become a fundamental product as necessary as your cell phone or wallet. Therefore, you have to be careful of the variety of sanitizer you choose; do thorough research, and maybe throw in that pros and cons list. 

Hand sanitizers are essential items in your day-to-day life. So now is not the time to settle for less, for you deserve only the very best. 

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