6 Ways to Select the Ideal Hand Sanitizer

6 Ways to Select the Ideal Hand Sanitizer


The pandemic taught us the importance of hand hygiene. We learned how every surface we touch has millions of life-threatening germs and how cleaning our hands could save our life! It thus turned the spotlight on hand sanitizers and their role as weapons of hygiene. 

True, soap and water are also effective in cleansing our hands of dirt and germs, but these items aren’t available everywhere. We could come in contact with germs and viruses anywhere and anytime. Surfaces, such as the handrails in public transport, shop counters, door handles, public restrooms, or the currency in our wallets, are all germ carriers. This makes hand sanitizers the only solution that ensures our safety and protection always.

With a variety of hand sanitizers flooding the market, selecting the best can be confusing. There are various hand sanitizers online that compete for attention, too. Therefore, it is important to choose your hand sanitizer carefully. Recognizing the best sanitizer company in India that gives you the ideal sanitizer will help you eventually.  

Here are a six reasons why you need to choose your hand sanitizer carefully:

  1. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers:

Hand sanitizers contain a certain percentage of alcohol that helps in killing germs and viruses. There are two types of alcohols used in hand sanitizers: ethanol alcohol, or ethyl alcohol, and methanol alcohol. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), ethanol alcohol has antimicrobial properties and is suitable for use in hand sanitizers. 

On the other hand, methanol alcohol is most unsuitable for hand sanitizers and has been banned by the FDA. It is highly toxic and can cause nausea, vomiting, and headaches. If ingested, it can cause seizures and blindness and could prove fatal. 

60-95% ethanol alcohol is FDA-approved and is an important ingredient in hand sanitizers. It is effective against a wide range of bacteria, such as E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, and salmonella typhi, and viruses, such as herpes, influenza, and rhinovirus.

Hand sanitizers like the Just Human 24 hour Hand Sanitizer are the perfect alcohol-based hand sanitizers that promise all-day protection. These contain 70% ethanol that kills 99.9% of germs and viruses and safeguards your skin.

      2. Hand sanitizers that contain Triclosan:

Triclosan is an antibacterial used in pesticides. If absorbed by the skin, it can damage the muscles and the liver and affect your thyroid function. Some hand sanitizers contain triclosan instead of alcohol, which is hazardous to our health. 

Check the labels before buying a hand sanitizer and choose one that contains 60-95% ethyl alcohol, such as the Just Human 24 hour Hand Sanitizer. It does not contain toxic substances like triclosan or phenoxyethanol, which makes it safe for use.

     3. Fragrances in hand sanitizers:

A wide range of hand sanitizers is available in the market today. There are herbal hand sanitizers, alcohol-free sanitizers, and alcohol-based sanitizers. Manufacturers have now introduced fragrant hand sanitizers too, that boast of floral, minty, fruity, and woody fragrances to keep you feeling fresh all day. These fragrances do not make hand sanitizers effective in any way. On the contrary, these make them harmful to our health because of the added chemical ingredients. 

Fragrant hand sanitizers contain endocrine disruptors or hormonally active agents. These are chemicals that interfere with our endocrine systems and cause different types of cancers and birth defects. Many products that contain these endocrine disruptors have been banned. 

It is, therefore, important to choose an effective and safe hand sanitizer that protects your health instead of one containing chemicals that could put your health at risk. 

     4. Skin-friendly hand sanitizers:

Choosing hand sanitizers that not just safeguard your health but are also skin-friendly is crucial.  Regular use of hand sanitizers affects the skin’s texture, making it rough and dry. Skin-friendly hand sanitizers, such as the Just Human 24 Hour Hand Sanitizer, are free of toxic chemicals that harm our health and skin. They contain ingredients that form a bionic shield on your skin and protect you from germs all day and their moisturizing properties ensure soft and healthy skin. 

Buying these hand sanitizers online is easy and ensures your safety. Always check the label and choose hand sanitizers that do not contain too many chemicals. Select those that promise to moisturize your skin besides protecting it from germs. 

    5. The expiry date of hand sanitizers:

The alcohol present in hand sanitizers evaporates with time. This makes the hand sanitizer less effective in protecting your hands from germs. Therefore, while choosing an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, it is important to check the label for its expiration date. Do not buy a sanitizer that has crossed its use-by date. And, while checking the date, do check the instructions for use and storage of the hand sanitizer, too. 

   6. Homemade hand sanitizers:

Today, the internet is flooded with recipes for handmade hand sanitizers. But are these safe and effective for use by all? Preparing hand sanitizers at home is not easy. The right proportions of the required ingredients are crucial for its effectiveness. Incorrect proportions could harm the skin instead of protecting it and lead to accidents. 

Moreover, handmade sanitizers aren’t deemed fit for use by children. Therefore, it is wise to choose a sanitizer like Just Human 24 Hour Hand Sanitizer that is manufactured by a trusted sanitizer company in India. It ensures safety from germs and viruses and protection of your skin from dryness. It can be safely used by your children and doesn’t harm your pets or your plants. 


With a multitude of hand sanitizers online, it is essential to choose wisely. Knowledge about brands that promise you safety, and those that provide nothing except fragrance, will help you in making an informed decision. Hand sanitizers are, after all, the most important tools today to protect ourselves and our families from dangerous germs and viruses. Choosing a suitable hand sanitizer like Just Human 24 Hour Hand Sanitizer will provide safety for your health and your skin. It’s the right ingredients in the sanitizer that ensure complete protection for you and your loved ones.