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Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer - 250 ML (Pack of 4)

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Moisturizing | Skin Friendly | 99.9% Effective   


A gentle, hydrating hand sanitizer made with and providing up to 24-hour efficacy. Protect your hands and stay safe all day. Made with 70% Ethanol and a proprietary smart molecule, our hand sanitizer creates an all-day protective bionic shield for hands killing 99.9% of germs and viruses. The shield stays intact as you perform your daily tasks through the day. However, vigorous washing or large amounts of friction can affect the antimicrobial shield formed by Just Human Hand Sanitizer on the surface of the hands, thus reducing protection and the Sanitizer may have to be applied again. It doesn’t dry out your hands like most other hand sanitizers. And works to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance. 

Key Benefits:

 Protects you for up to 24 hours
 Made with 70% Ethanol and a proprietary smart molecule
 Creates an all-day protective bionic shield for hands
 Safe for kids
      Product Description

      Can be used on the go for up to 24-hour protection which literally means anytime, anywhere—at your home, car, office, travelling, before your meals or while playing sports

      Focus Ingredients

      Water, 70% Ethanol, proprietary smart molecule along with moisturising elements

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      99.99% Effective Against Germs
      24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer spray
      Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer - 250 ML (Pack of 4)
      Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer - 250 ML (Pack of 4)


      The Justhuman Way

      • Clean Ingredients

      • Fast Beauty

      • Toxins Free

      • Cruelty Free

      The fusion of  natural and synthetic ingredients, which work in symphony, to give the elevation you desire. Our products DO NOT CONTAIN any of the 900+ chemicals listed in California's Prop 65, a comprehensive list of substances known to cause auto immune disorders, cancer, endocrine disorders, birth defects, and various health issues.

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      Infused with rich peptides and biotics, enabling effective skin brain communication and speeding up the process of looking good everyday.

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      We don’t compromise. Ingredients that are not good for you, are simply not good for Justhuman.

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      We love animals and we believe they shouldnt pay the price for our vanity. 

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