Just Human 24-Hour Hand Sanitizer - Protect your health, safeguard your skin

Just Human 24-Hour Hand Sanitizer - Protect your health, safeguard your skin

Did you know that hand sanitizer was invented more than 50 years ago? In 1966, a nursing student in California combined alcohol and gel to help doctors sanitize their hands in the absence of soap and water. Today, hand sanitizers are among the most used items of hygiene in the entire world. With the increase in contagious diseases worldwide, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or using a hand sanitizer containing 60% alcohol. As a result, we have seen exponential growth in the manufacturing of sanitizers in the past two years.

Hand sanitizers are of two types: Alcohol-based sanitizers and non-alcohol-based sanitizers. But, since microorganisms are evolving rapidly, it becomes important to find a product that contains the right ingredients and the appropriate amount of alcohol that would effectively fight harmful germs and viruses. Furthermore, since our skin comes in contact with surfaces that contain millions of germs throughout the day, it is paramount that the product we use safeguards us all day without damaging or drying our skin. That’s why choosing a 24-hour protection hand sanitizer is the wisest thing to do. 

Let’s take a look at the sanitizer company that manufactures such an ideal hand sanitizer that protects the entire family from diseases and kills germs without drying the hands.

The hand sanitizer that prevents your hands from drying:

An ideal hand sanitizer contains all the right ingredients and promises to protect our skin from 99.9% germs without harming our skin. But from constant use, our skin is bound to become dry and itchy. Therefore, the perfect hand sanitizer must contain ingredients that not only protect our skin from harmful pathogens, but also keep our skin soft and smooth. 

SwanRose Inc., the manufacturers of Just Human 24-hour protection hand sanitizers, uses advanced technology in the production of its hand sanitizers. It uses trace amounts of a proprietary smart molecule that creates a bionic shield on the skin that stays active all day once it dries. 

Despite washing our hands multiple times, the bionic shield stays active and protects our skin from 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Whichever surface you may touch, the bionic shield is sure to protect you from the invisible enemy that causes life-threatening diseases. 

Its 24-hour protection feature means you don’t need to sanitize your hands every time you touch a surface. Just applying it once a day will keep you safe and your skin healthy. And, most importantly, thanks to its moisturizing elements, the skin doesn’t dry, and your hands remain soft all through the day, despite everyday use. 

This hand sanitizer is ideal not only because it protects your skin and cares for it, but also because it is appropriate for children, too. The skin-friendly ingredients in this product ensure their delicate skin stays protected and healthy.

Moreover, the Just Human hand sanitizer has been tested for its effectiveness in certified GLP laboratories. This guarantees its quality and efficacy. 

Why use hand sanitizers that do not dry our skin:

Hand sanitizers are crucial for our protection today. These are the only products that ensure our safety from harmful pathogens in the absence of soap and water. However, the alcohol present in hand sanitizers can damage the skin beyond repair. Hence, we must select sanitizers, such as Just Human, that kill germs without drying our skin.

The alcohol present in hand sanitizers contains antiseptic properties that kill germs. However, alcohol also robs the skin of its moisture and leaves it dry and damaged over time. 

Moreover, from constant use, alcohol can also trigger an eczema breakout. For people with eczema, it is definitely a cause for concern. The chemicals present in hand sanitizers can cause itchy, red, discolored patches on the skin that can take a long time to heal. This can further lead to cracked and bleeding skin. Dry, cracked skin is susceptible to bacteria that can be extremely harmful, which will further worsen the situation.

In dry weather, the skin is prone to losing its natural moisture. When using hand sanitizers in such weather conditions, the skin will suffer more, leading to more infections due to the dryness. Conventional hand sanitizers need to be used every time you touch a surface or wet your hands, which can leave the skin dry and rough.

Using a hand sanitizer that is free from harsh chemicals and that contains moisturizing agents will ensure the skin stays hydrated, soft and free from cracks. Additionally, as water doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of the bionic shield, you don’t need to apply it multiple times. This means, you just apply it once, and you are protected for the rest of the day. 

To stay safer still, you can buy hand sanitizer online, from the comforts of your home. With the alarming rise of new variants of the virus, the need to safeguard our health is only increasing by the day. The availability of hand sanitizers in the online market makes it safer for you, and convenient, too. 


Our environment has witnessed a rapid deterioration in the past few decades. Contagious diseases caused due to harmful viruses are on the rise. To ensure the safety of our family, we need to follow all the rules of sanitization and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When buying products, such as hand sanitizers, be sure to read the label. Make sure the product contains skin-friendly ingredients that will protect you from harmful bacteria and viruses. Besides this, they should also contain moisturizing elements that hydrate your skin and protect it from drying. 

Select the hand sanitizer that kills germs but doesn’t dry your hands, as dry skin is prone to bacterial infections. An unsuitable hand sanitizer can trigger eczema and cause discomfort to patients suffering from this skin condition.  Making the right choice when buying a hand sanitizer will go a long way in ensuring the health and safety of your family.