JustHuman 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer with Shimmer

  • Rs. 460.00

The World’s first Shimmer Hand Sanitizer, combining Beauty and Safety for the first time. Backed with the trusted protection of Just Human, this product not only protects you for up to 24 hours but also leaves a radiant & dewy glow on your hands. The proprietary formula absorbs quickly to protect, while soft pearlescent minerals shimmer for a radiant look and feel. Kill 99.99% of germs and provides a light shimmer that illuminates skin day or night.


How to Use :

Shake the bottle of Just Human Shimmer 24 Hour Hand Sanitizer vigorously to activate the gold pearlescent. Spray once on the front of your hands and rub. Then spray 2-3 times on the back of each hand and let dry naturally (The formula should dry in 30-40 seconds). For a deeper intense glow, spray 2 more times on the back of each hand. For Feet - Before putting on your dancing shoes Spray Just Human 2-3 times on each foot for beautiful glowing feet.


Our hand sanitizers are made of proprietary technology from the United States that is developed to destroy harmful germs and viruses while being gentle on your skin.


Product Features:

  • UPTO 24 HOUR PROTECTION HAND SANITIZER- Just Human Hand Sanitizer is crafted with advanced technology and trace amounts of a proprietary smart molecule which creates an impenetrable bionic shield of safety. The shield stays active for extended periods and does not lose its effectiveness even if you wash your hands. It doesn’t matter which surfaces you touch– the shield stays intact, unless it is aggressively rubbed off. It has been tested and proven to eliminate 99% viruses and pathogens for upto 24 hours.

  • Skin-Friendly and Safe for Kids : JustHuman is free of harsh chemicals and works towards maintaining the skin’s pH levels making it the best hand sanitizer for all ages. It has a Non sticky formula with mild fragrance and is Made with US Technology and manufactured in India. Our product is Cruelty Free, Can be used for all skin types. JustHuman’s beautifully designed packaging is easy to carry on the go. Use it for your kids and stay at peace that they will be protected the entire day.

  • Instant Germ-Free Protection- Made with 70% Ethanol and a proprietary smart molecule, JustHuman Sanitizer creates an all-day protective bionic shield for hands killing 99.9% of germs and viruses. Protects from the germs transferred from direct contact with an infected person or an external source. Instantly provides protection and is great for daily and personal hygiene. The bionic shield will not get affected if you rinse your hands with water. So stay worry free with just one use.

  • Sanitize on the Go : It’s time to get back to achieving your goals, without your safety routines hindering you. Whether you are going to office or travelling in public transport, with Just Human 24-hour Hand sanitizer, experience a higher grade of safety, effortlessly. Made to last longer on your skin, Just Human keeps you safe throughout your journey. JustHuman Hand Sanitizer can be used anytime, anywhere - at your home, car, office, travel, before your meals or while playing sports.

Product Benefits:

  • Protects you for upto 24 hours
  • Made with 70% Ethanol and a proprietary smart molecule
  • Creates an all-day protective bionic shield for hands
  • Doesn’t come off with regular hand washing
  • Skin-friendly with no harsh chemicals
  • Safe for kids