Why is it Advised not to Make Hand Sanitizers at Home

Why is it Advised not to Make Hand Sanitizers at Home

Hygiene is extremely important for your overall health and safety. There are many disease-causing microbes around us that can make us sick. Our hands come in contact with external surfaces more than any other part of our body, and can become carriers for these disease-causing microbes. While washing hands with soap and water is advisable, hand sanitizers are an excellent substitute when washing one’s hands is not possible. One can easily buy hand sanitizers online from reputed and trustworthy brands. Health experts agree that making hand sanitizers at home can go horribly wrong. Such self-made hand sanitizers may neither be effective nor safe for use. Hence, buying such products from companies that make premium, safe, and effective hand sanitizers is highly recommended. 

Why and when should we clean our hands?

Keeping bacteria, germs, and viruses away from our hands is critical to the well-being of our individual selves and that of our families. To this end, neutralizing and killing microbes is extremely important. Whenever one feels the need to clean their hands, they should use water and soap or a sanitizer. If your hands are overly soiled, it is recommended to wash them thoroughly with soap and water. The need to use a sanitizer can arise at any time, and you may not have ready access to water and soap then. Therefore, it is always better to buy compact, easy-to-carry sanitizers, like the one sold by Just Human. 

Using hand sanitizers under the following conditions is a must:

  1. Before eating
  2. After touching contaminated surfaces
  3. After coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose
  4. Whenever you feel the need to sanitize your hands

Can I add alcohol to a non-alcohol hand sanitizer to make a homemade sanitizer?

No. Adding alcohol to a non-alcohol sanitizer will bring forth no significant results or offer protection against germs. It is advisable to use sanitizers that have been approved and verified by trusted regulatory bodies.

Ingredients that make sanitizers effective and safe

The World Health Organization (WHO) has given specific recommendations essential for a hand sanitizer to be effective. An effective hand sanitizer should have an alcohol content of more than 60%; ethanol is widely used for this purpose. 3% Hydrogen peroxide is to be used as an emollient that helps keep the skin moisturized. When one buys hand sanitizers, it is important to check the ingredients. At Just Human, the sanitizers are formulated with 70% ethanol and proprietary smart molecules. Designed using revolutionary technology, the sanitizer creates a bionic shield that is effective all day long. 

Why should one avoid making hand sanitizers at home?

Creating an effective sanitizer involves various tests and steps, and is done under expert supervision. A sanitizer can only be useful when its ingredients are in the perfect proportion. The right combination of ingredients is also necessary to ensure that the hand sanitizer is safe. Read on to know more about why it is not an intelligent decision to make hand sanitizers at home: 

    • Alcohol percentage: Having the correct alcohol percentage is essential. Hand sanitizer companies and pharmaceuticals use an alcohol meter to examine the alcohol levels. This precision cannot be ensured at home and is one of the major limitations to making hand sanitizers at home. Sanitizers with improper alcohol percentages can be ineffective, thus making you prone to health issues. A branded and reliable sanitizer company in India will usually adhere to the prescribed alcohol levels.
    • Dilution of alcohol: There are countless recipes available on the internet that advocate making hand sanitizers at home. One shouldn’t fall prey to them. Even if you follow the formula and achieve the recommended proportion of alcohol in your homemade sanitizer, controlling how the sanitizer gets diluted in the final product can be difficult. This can have an adverse effect on the skin. Also, undiluted alcohol is highly inflammable, igniting at temperatures as low as 10℃, which may become a major safety concern.
  • Compromised sterility: Sanitizer companies in India, like Just Human, use a sterile environment and advanced technology to formulate their hand sanitizers. Achieving a sterile environment at home is difficult, which increases the risk of contamination, rendering the sanitizer useless.  
  • Lack of credibility: It is always safe to buy hand sanitizers online or at stores instead of following random recipes online. The hand sanitizer recipes online lack credibility and often use ingredients like dyes, essential oils, and other fragrances. These unverified ingredients may impact the quality of the sanitizer, thus defying the whole purpose of making one. Some dyes can also cause exposure to hazardous chemicals, which can be notoriously unhealthy for your well-being. 
  • Unsafe for the skin: A sanitizer can be called safe when it protects you against microbes and takes care of your skin. A homemade sanitizer has the potential to make your skin dry, leading to cracks in the skin and bleeding since alcohol is rough on your skin. Skin burns caused by homemade sanitizers have been reported as well. Sanitizers made under expert supervision contain emollients that help moisturize the skin. To ensure against unwarranted injuries, it is best to buy a hand sanitizer that offers complete protection along with a moisturizing effect. 

  • Get the right sanitizer today to ensure your safety

    It is essential to use sanitizers to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria that make you sick. Buy hand sanitizers online to secure your and your loved ones’ health. A premium sanitizer company in India like Just Human takes utmost care and precautions while preparing hand sanitizers. Formulated with the guidelines prescribed by health regulatory bodies, hand sanitizers by Just Human are revolutionary. With its 24-hour protection, this sanitizer does not come off with regular handwashing, thus making it extremely skin-friendly as well as safe for children. Always remember, as sanitizers need to contain a minimum of 60% alcohol to be effective, it is advisable not to prepare them at home to avoid potential mishaps. For best results, buy hand sanitizers online or from your local stores.